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Jenny Robertson

Jenny Robertson has written many children's bible stories. 'From the Volga to the Clyde' is an adult collection which comes with a warning:-

Readers be warned, these heart-wrenching stories and the images conjured by them will remain with you, affecting your heart, soul and mind, for a long time to come.

Jenny recently won the competition for The Book of Plans, Hopes and Dreams, which commemorates the centenary of the start of World War 1. She will be travelling to Braunschweig (Brunswick) to read her work, which will be published in a memorial book.

The remit was to write two prose pieces in letter form, firstly to a person who lived in 1914, and this had to be backed up with evidence that the person lived. The second letter was to be to someone in 2114, expressing her plans, hopes and dreams for the future.

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