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Martin Stepek

For There is Hope is an English/ Polish bilingual book about Martin's Polish ancestors' deportation to Siberia and their struggle for survival in the labour camps. Told in the form of an epic poem and beautifully illustrated. This book tugs at the heart.

Won best bilingual book - North American Book Entrepreneurs

Finalist in the People's Book Prize.

'Martin Stepek has written this astonishing poem which is at once a monument, a meditation, a prayer and an epic. The poem is a prayer, not only for Poland but for all peoples and places in all times which have known displacement and suffering. Tender and impassioned - and sensitively translated into Polish on the facing pages by Kasia Kokowska - this book should be on every table where Poland is discussed, and the brave dead are remembered.'

Book Review, Neal Ascherson, Orwell Prize Winner

Martin's father Jan Stepek was a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist in the west of Scotland. In 2014 a film was produced to honour his memory - titled (as the book) 'For There is Hope' - see it here :-

'Martin Stepek has written Mindful Living, a book of great beauty, clarity and generosity. A manual for daily living, each page has something for us all.'

Mark Williams, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford

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