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We learned from books

 About Fleming Press & Fleming Publications 

Fleming Press is the retail outlet for books published by Fleming Publications which is a small independent imprint run by Etta Dunn. She is very discerning in her choice of authors and subject matter and strives for the highest quality with each new publication. Her first commercial publication For There is Hope by Martin Stepek won the North American Book Entrepreneur award for best bilingual book and was a finalist in the People's Book Prize. It is now on its third print run. With support from the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Martin's second book, MINDFUL Living: Positive steps to manage stress and achieve peace of mind was published in 2014 and is already on its second print run.


Etta met Jenny Robertson at the launch of Martin's book For There is Hope at the Scottish Poetry Library and was immediately impressed by her description of her true WW2 short story collection. This book started life with the working title Wojtek and Other True Wartime Tales but eventually the title  From the Volga to the Clyde was thought to be more inclusive.


Jacqueline Smith ran a very successful night, at the Ivory Hotel in the south side of Glasgow, called appropriately 'Poetry at the Ivory.' Her book Inspiration from the Common Wealth of Writers is derived from the interviews she conducted there with her guest writers and is a fascinating insight into their modus operandi.


Jim Ferguson caught Etta's interest with his collection of biographical verses of the all-time jazz greats, Songs to Drown a Million Souls. Etta, being a long time jazz lover, just couldn't resist publishing this fine collection using her own jazzy artwork for the cover.

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