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Etta Dunn





Martin Stepek &

John Guzlowski

This book is the culmination of over a year of poetic tweets, both serious and light-hearted,  between the Scottish/Polish poet, Martin Stepek and the Polish/American poet, John Guzlowski.

May Queen

Having experienced mental, physical and sexual abuse in her lifetime, May Queen, now in her sixties, defiantly, through the complementary media of poetry and art bares all...  literally and figuratively.


This book is the culmination of years of an artistic collaboration between May the poet and the Scottish / Polish artist, Karen Strang, later joined by the artist Suzanne Williams.

Martin Stepek

Award winning English / Polish bilingual illustrated book. An epic poem about Martin Stepek's ancestors being deported to a Siberian Gulag

Martin Stepek              


Positive steps to manage stress and achieve peace of mind



MINDFUL Living 2 front cover.jpg

Martin Stepek          £7.99


Positive steps to manage stress and achieve peace of mind



Jacqueline Smith
INSPIRATION from the Common Wealth of Writers TO BOOST CREATIVITY
During her time as facilitator of the very popular event 'Poetry at the Ivory' 
Jacqueline Smith interviewed many well-known writers. This is a compilation of those interviews. Smith's analytical and inspirational input acts as a cohesive gel bonding seemingly disparate voices. 
Authors interviewed were Kei Miller from Jamaica, John Rice, Alan Riach, Brian Whittingham, Viv Gee, Anita Govan, Alan MacGillivray, Donny O’Rourke, and Liz Niven, all from Scotland, Gerry Cambridge from England, Skye Loneragan from Australia, Gerrie Fellows from New Zealand, Ryan Van Winkle from the USA, and Tawona Sithole from Zimbabwe. 

Jenny Robertson


From the Volga to the Clyde: A collection of true second world war stories as told to Jenny Robertson when she lived in Poland. £8.99

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