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Quill to Quark: Passionate Poets Provocative Poems

Quill to Quark: Passionate Poets Provocative Poems

A hardcover anthology of poetry from the University of Glasgow  MLitt students, edited by Etta Dunn.

A collection of 34 poems, with original artwork by the author.

Foreword by poet & novelist, Magi Gibson.

"In this anthology, I have attempted to bring together the disciplines of poetry, science and art. It is my belief that there is poetry in science, and science in poetry, and that there is art in both." -- from the author's introduction.

Within the 64 pages, there are poems from twenty contributors, plus four poems from the author/editor. The wide range of styles, from the whimsical to the more thought-provoking pieces, maintain the interest of the reader throughout. Often I found myself smiling, at other times frowning, and on occasions, thinking and wondering.

In his recommendation of this book, renowned Scottish poet, Tom Leonard, said, "I enjoyed reading this collection a lot. It makes a heartening book, with numerous examples of poems coming to life in a way that lets you know this is real and wholly engaged work, not just somebody 'trying to write a poem'. An overall integrity of purpose and sometime beauty one does not presume to find in every poetry anthology. You can find it here ..."

The book is beautifully produced with hard laminated covers. If you enjoy good poetry, you will surely enjoy From Quill to Quark.

Peter Duffie
Writer, Magician & Occasional Poet.
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